Honours Essay Supervisor

Jill CampbellEthnic Conflict and Political Institutions in Sri LankaSt Mary’s U2005
L. Kris MclellanDependency Theory and the Politics of Sri Lankan IndependenceSt Mary’s U2005
Trisha MacLeanGlobal and Local: Social Movements and Anti-Dam? CampaignsSt Mary’s U2007
Patrick KaneAlternative Energy Technologies and Development in IndiaSt Mary’s U2007

Masters Theses Supervisor or Co-Advisor?

Geoff PetersAlternative Energy Policy in IndiaSt Mary’s U2006
Tara TracyPapas, Plaguicidas y Personas (Potatoes, Pesticides and People): The Farmer Field School Methodology and Human Health in EcuadorSt Mary’s U2007
Graham EpsteinCompliance and fisheries co-management: An investigation of a novel fisheries management regime in Lake MalawiU of Guelph2008
Meredith DavisFarmers’ Engagement with the Local Food Movement: A Case Study of Waterloo, OntarioU of Guelph2010
Morgan BoycoPolitical Opportunity and Public Participation: EIA In Northern Canada and South AfricaU of Guelph2010
Julie SelfThe World Bank’s Framework for Service Provision: The Case of the Water Kiosks of the Zambian Commercialised UtilitiesSt Mary’s U2010
Mehreen KhalfanLinking Smallholders with Trans-National? Agribusiness through Contract Farming: Pro-Poor? Growth or Dependency? A Gender-Differentiated? Study of Equity,Poverty, and Food Security Outcomes in Tanzanian Peasant CommunitiesSt Mary’s U2012
Kerri GarnerCBNRM in Botswana:The Failure of CBNRM for the Indigenous San, the Village of Xai Xai and the Wildlife of BotswanaU of Guelph2012
Melissa RicciLand Restitution in Colombia: Progressive policy and political opportunityU of Guelph2012
Feinan LongThe Water Transfer System in Southern Alberta: Scope and Implications for a Future Provincial Water MarketU of Guelph2012
Ryan DeskaInterjurisdictional Collaboration for Rural Regional Economic Development: Bridging the Gap between Individual and Collective InterestsU of Guelph2013
Daniel LevayLeisure in the Production of Social Capital: Evaluating Sport Participation as a Method for Increasing Volunteerism in Rural CommunitiesU of Guelph2013
Padrain O'BrienInsurgent Planning in Brazil and VenezuelaU of GuelphOngoing
Amina YasinEvaluating Best Practices in Regional Food Innovation and Economic Development Initiatives in Western EuropeU of GuelphOngoing

Masters Major Paper Supervisor or Co-Advisor?

Natalie BoydRethinking Water Management and Reasons for Hope: A Case Study of Communal Water Management in Ladakh, IndiaSt Mary’s U2007
Amélie MorelChallenges and Opportunities in Post-Conflict? Development Planning: The Case of BurundiU of Guelph2007
Glenn ShawInternational Non-Governmental? Organizations and the Business of Development: An Examination of the Third-Sector’s? Programming Value in ZambiaSt Mary’s U2009
Angus GrantThe Process of Participatory Evaluation: Evaluation of the Anti-Human? Trafficking Prevention STEP UP Program of Visayan Forum Foundation, the PhilippinesU of Guelph2009
Denise TubinoThe Quest for Socially Responsible Behaviour in Itabira: Not Just a Picture on the WallU of Guelph2009
Melanie ParadisMeeting Basic Needs in Long-Term? Displacement Camps: best practices for water, sanitation, and waste management systemsU of Guelph2009
Andrea NoklebyFollow-up in Indigenous Participation in Environmental Assessment of Major Resource ProjectsU of Guelph2009
David MillerSocial Capital and Economic Development: The role of networks in communitiesU of Guelph2009
Miriam BooyLocal Governance Approaches to Post-Conflict? Reconstruction: The Case of Aceh, IndonesiaU of Guelph2009
Jaime Ramos DuffautAssets Livelihood Changes in the Context of Mining Operations in Cajamarca – PeruU of Guelph2010
Tristan LeflerSuccessful Community-based Monitoring in Canada: Three Case StudiesU of Guelph2010
Kelly PaulFraming Processes in Faith-based Mobilization for DevelopmentU of Guelph2010
Elizabeth Nadruille SantosMaking North-South? value-chains work for small-scale producers: The Fair Trade Las Nubes coffee study in Costa RicaU of Guelph2010
Emanuele Lapierre-FortinWeathering the perfect storm: How Two Citizens’ Groups are Building Resilience to Climate Change and Peak Oil in OntarioU of Guelph2011
Colin DringDigging Deeper: An exploratory analysis of controlled tile drainage adoption in the South Nation Watershed, OntarioU of Guelph2011
Marie-Claire? DoyleInstitional analysis of Ngala Village co-management arrangementU of Guelph2012
Brock BersaglioIs food aid undermining traditional systems of Turkana social relations? An exploration of cultural decline in Northern KenyaU of Guelph2012
Sakshi PuriProducing for a billion: An examination of the public procurement of rice and wheat in Haryana, IndiaU of Guelph2012
Tina Ladu Tobacco Multinationals: Examining the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Schemes on Poverty Outcomes in the Global SouthU of Guelph2012
Frances Dietrich-O’ConnorPost-development theory and its critics: A case study of small scale beekeeping development in VietnamU of Guelph2012
Katherine KungExploring the Implications of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012 on Public ParticipationU of Guelph2013
Adam WrightImpact and Benefit Agreements: The Role of Negotiated Agreements in the Creation of Collaborative Planning in Resource DevelopmentU of Guelph2013
Anna LimSocial Enterprises in Community Development: The Case of Sorosoro Ibaba Development CooperativeU of Guelph2013

Masters Thesis or Major Paper Committee Member

Janine de la SalleOrganic and Urban Agriculture in HavanaDalhousie U2004
Kathy PalkoShifting Environmental Costs: Plastics Recycling to ChinaSt Mary’s U2005
Zoë BoutilierImplementing Environmental Policy in Cuba: A Test of Eco-socialist TheorySt Mary’s U2005
Francois LevesqueHuman Rights in TunisiaDalhousie U2005
Cecilia UniteNon-Formal Education for Street Children: A Vietnam Case StudySt Mary’s U2006
Jill MurphyDemocracy and Social Movements: The Medical Strike in El SalvadorSt Mary’s U2006
Linda LiutkusAutonomous Indigenous Education in EcuadorSt Mary’s U2006
Abid IrfanFactors that sustain and do not sustain Community-Based? Organizations in Rural Development Contexts: A Case Study of Community-Based? Organizations in North West Frontier Province PakistanU of Guelph2009
Leah KaterbergUnrecognized Culture and the Failure of NGO Development ProjectsU of Guelph2009
Aamir IrfanRole of Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) in Promoting Quality Education for AllU of Guelph2009
Meaghan SimmsIntersecting Risks, Intensified Vulnerabilities: Development-Induced? Displacement & Resettlement, Indigenous and Ethnic Minority Women and Sex Work in the Lao People’s Democratic RepublicSt Mary’s U2010
Vanessa Lozecznik The Role of Protests as Platforms for Action on Sustainability in the Kullu Valley, IndiaU Manitoba2010
Ana Rodriguez SecoCocoa Farming In Ghana: Understanding The Possibilities Of Redd In A Small Cocoa Landholding LandscapeU of Guelph2010
Gustavo de OliveiraExplaining Mining Company and Community Relations in Paracatu, Brazil: Situational Context and Company PracticeU of Guelph2010
Kailea MacGillivrayA journey in community assessment: Needs and assets in San Jose Villanueva, El SalvadorU of Guelph2011
James JohnstoneVulnerability of Run-of-River? Irrigation Scheme to Extreme Hydrological Conditions: A Case Study of the Bwanje Valley Irrigation Scheme, MalawiU of Guelph2011
Joanna KocsisExtreme Weather, Climate Change and the Livelihoods of Hillside Households in Jesus de Otoro Valley, HondurasU of Guelph2011
Cameron McCordicThe Use of Stigma as a Marker of Otherness by RTLM during the Rwandan GenocideU of Guelph2012
Monica Walker-BoltonLessons from the Back to the Land MovementU of Guelph2012
Kerry GroundCorporate responsibility in a Globalizing World: Exploring stakeholder perceptions of mining in the PhilippinesU of Guelph2012
Sarah MinnesOntario Source Water Protection Planning An Analysis of Theory, Policy and PracticeU of Guelph2012
Brittany Bruce U of WaterlooOngoing
Erin Murphy-MillsCommunity-based water monitoring and management: Examining community-based water monitoring programs and activities in Southern Ontario and Nova ScotiaQueen'sOngoing

PhD Advisor

Monika Korzun U of GuelphOngoing
Gussai Sheikheldin U of GuelphOngoing

PhD Committee Member

PhD Qualifying Examination Committees

Silvia SarapuraIntegration and Participation of Indigenous Small-Scale? Female Producers in the Agricultural Innovative Market Chain Systems: A Matter of gender, agriculture, environment and innovationU of Guelph2013